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What important role does zinc oxide play in rubber ?

What important role does zinc oxide play in rubber ?

Zinc oxide is a very important inorganic active agent in the rubber industry and is widely used in various rubber products, especially in transparent rubber products and products in contact with food. Zinc oxide is the active agent of natural rubber latex. Sometimes used as reinforcing agent and colorant.

In industrial production, 50% of zinc oxide will flow to the rubber industry. Zinc oxide and stearic acid are important reactants for rubber vulcanization and are one of the raw materials for rubber manufacturing. The mixing of zinc oxide and stearic acid strengthens the The hardness of rubber. Not only that, zinc oxide is also an important additive in automobile tires. In addition to vulcanization, zinc oxide can also greatly improve the thermal conductivity of rubber, which is very effective in helping tires dissipate heat and ensuring driving safety.

Zinc oxide is used as an activator, vulcanization accelerator and reinforcing agent in synthetic rubber, and has a coloring effect, which can promote the vulcanization, activation, reinforcing and anti-aging effects of rubber, strengthen the vulcanization process, and improve the quality of rubber products and Tear and abrasion resistance.

The above is about the important role that zinc oxide plays in rubber formulations. If you have other questions or puzzles about zinc oxide, we welcome your call and look forward to cooperating with you.








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