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Inorganic Acid

CAS No.64-18-6 Formic Acid
Product Name: Formic Acid Other name: Methanoic Acid EINECS No.: 200-579-1 CAS No.: 64-18-6 Hazard class: 8 UN NO.: 1779 Appearance: colorless transparent liquid with strong irritating smell
CAS No.64-19-7 Gglacial Acetic Acid GAA /Acetic Acid
Product Name: Glacial Acetic acid CAS No. 64-19-7 HS Code: 2915211900 Molecular formula: CH3COOH Appearance: Colourless transparent liquid Density: 1.04928, Melting Point: 16.665, Boiling Point: 117.9C, Viscosity: 1.22,
CAS No.7647-01-0 Muriatic Acid /Hydrochloric Acid HCL
Product Name:Hydrochloric Acid HCL CAS No.: 7647-01-0 Other Names: muriatic acid EINECS No.: 7647-01-0 Hazard Class: 8 UN NO.: 1789 Purity: 31%-36% Appearance: colourless transparent liquid
CAS No.79-09-4 Propionic acid
Product Name:Propionic acid CAS No.: 79-09-4 Formula: C3h6o2 EINECS: 201-176-3 Appearance: Liquid
CAS No.10035-10-6 Hydrobromic Acid HBR
Product Name: Hydrobromic Acid CAS#: 10035-10-6 Chemical Formula: BrH Molecular Weight: 80.91
CAS No.7697-37-2 Nitric acid
Product Name: Nitric acid The chemical formula: HNO₃ molecular weight: 63.01 CAS : 7697-37-2 EINECS login number: 231-714-2 Melting point: -42 ℃ Boiling point: 83 ℃
CAS No 7664-93-9 Sulfuric Acid/ Vitriol / Vitriolic Acid
Product Name:Sulfuric Acid Other Names: Oil of vitriol; Sulfur acid; Sulphuric acid; Sulfate acid; Sulfuric acid (98%); Molecular Formula: H2SO4 HS No.:2807000010 CAS No.: 7664-93-9 EINECS No.: 231-639-5 Purity: 32%-98% Appearance: Transparent Colorless Liquid
CAS No.10043-35-3 &11113-50-1 Boric Acid/Boracic Acid
Product Name:Boric acid Synonyms:Boric acid Flakes CAS:11113 50 1 &10043-35-3 MF: BH3O3 MW: 61.83 EINECS: 234-343-4



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