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Main Application of Zinc Stearate

Main Application of Zinc Stearate


Zinc fatty acid is a white powder, insoluble in water. Zinc stearate is mainly used as a lubricant and release agent for styrene resin, phenolic resin, and amine resin. At the same time, it also has the functions of vulcanization activator and softener in rubber.



It can be used as a non-toxic stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride, with low initial coloration and good weather resistance. This product should not be used alone because it has a significant catalytic effect on the degradation of polyvinyl chloride and can cause the product to change color rapidly after a period of time. Used in combination with barium-cadmium soap for general soft products. The dosage of this product should not be too large, but when used in conjunction with epoxy compounds and phosphites, the dosage can be appropriately increased.


It can also be used as a lubricant for styrene resins, including polystyrene, ABS and SAN resins, and as a release agent for transparent products. In the rubber industry, this product can be used as a lubricant and diaphragm agent (anti-sticking) for rubber compounds. also. It can also be used as a textile polish, paint flattening agent and cosmetic ingredient.


Metal soap powder. Used in the creation of powders, pressed cakes, etc. Mainly used as an adhesive for perfume powder to increase the adhesion of perfume powder on the skin. Zinc stearate is light and soft. When added to powder cosmetics, it will coat other powders, making the powder easily permeable. The addition amount is generally 5%-15%.


Anti-foaming agent. Light and heat stabilizers. Paint smoothener and abrasive. Drying lubricant and release agent for small feet. Stabilizer, release agent and lubricant for plastic products. Waterproofing agent for concrete, brownstone, paper and fabrics. Used in cosmetics and ointments.

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