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Biggest Outdoor Products Production Base

Biggest Outdoor Products Production Base

5000+ square large factory,More than 500 staffs working in each department.

18 Years Export Experience In Outdoor Industry.

18 Years Export Experience In Outdoor Industry.

Annual output reaches 2 million units, Exported to nearly 160 countries and regions.

5 Large Warehouse In China, Ensure Fast Delivery

5 Large Warehouse In China, Ensure Fast Delivery

5 large warehouse in qingdao, shanghai, zhengzhou, guangzhou,shenzhen. Can ensure delivery in short time.

Support OEM & ODM Customize

Support OEM & ODM Customize

If need custom logo and style, we all can support for our customer.


Two Large Production Base

Henan Sinowin Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2003, 18 years dedicated to sports, outdoor products research and development, production. Up to now, it has become a well-known supplier in the outdoor sports industry, and has established a good and stable cooperative relationship with more than 200 brands in more than 40 countries around the world. Its products cover Mountain Bike,Camping Mat,Floating Hammock/row,Foldable Chair,Skate Board,Surfing Board,Tent/Camping tent,Wicker Patio Chair,fishing rod & lure, and Disinfectant TCCA/SDIC etc.The company attaches great importance to research and development, design from beginning to end, with more than 100 patents at home and abroad, providing strong technical support for the rapid development of the company. The company has been constantly improving its management abili... READ MORE


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Emulsifier---Glyceryl Monostearate/GMS

Emulsifier---Glyceryl Monostearate

Product Name: Glyceryl Monostearate/GMS Other Name: Monoglyceride,MG CAS No: 123-94-4 MF: C21H42O4 EINECS: 204-664-4 Type: Emulsifier

Happy National Day

Happy National Day

National Day is coming, May our motherland be prosperous and healthy for all. And we also can normal comunicate for order during the holida

250MT caustic soda export to chile

250MT caustic soda export to chile

caustic soda is an important daily chemical raw material. It can be used in many fields. Applications of Caustic Soda: 1.Manufacture of so


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