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SDIC Dihydrate Granulars

Product Name: nadcc/SDIC/Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate
Appearance: White powder, granules or tablets
CAS No.: 87-90-1
Available Chlorine: 56% 60%
Package: Plastic/Fiber Drum, Cardboard barrel, Carton
MOQ: 1 x 20'FCL

                                                              SDIC Dihydrate Granulars 

Product Description

SDIC is a oxidizing bactericide as a disinfector and it has different forms in powder,granular and tablets.

Molecular formula: C3HCl2N3O3.Na
Molecular weight: 219.95
CAS No.: 2893-78-9 
HS No.: 2933.6929.10 
UN No.: 2465
DG Class:5.1
Function : fighting against infectious diseases as routine disinfection, preventive disinfection and 

environmental sterilization in different places.

sdic (1).jpg

Specification of SDIC Granular:

Granules: 8-30 mesh, 20-40 mesh or 20-60 mesh.

Technical Specification :


Best quality

First grade


Effective content of chlorine % ≥




Content of water % ≤




PH value of 1% solution


Substance insoluble in water % ≤


Application of SDIC :

As a nontoxic disinfector, it is used in hygiene and disease control, medical treatment, agriculture and plant protection etc.,for example, antisepsis for drinking water, industrial water, dishware, swimming pool, poultry, fish feeding, environment and infectious diseases and its prevention.

In addition, it is use to bleach cloth, kill alga and for wool shrinkage proof agent. It is no hazardous for human body so it is welcome in the market.

Packing & Storage of SDIC :

1)25KG Bag,1000KG Bag or customization as client's request.
2)Plastic drum, 25kg/drum, 50kg/drum, or customization as client's request.
3)Fiber drum, 25kg/drum ,50kg drum, customization as client's request.
Stored in dry and ventilated place. No contacting with nitride and reductive matter. It can be carried by trains, trucks or ships.

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sdic (3).jpg


1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company? 
A:We are a factory.
2. Q: What documents you provide? 
A: Usually, we provide Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , Health certificate and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements, let us know
3. Q: What is loading port?
A: Usually is Shanghai or Qingdao.
4.Q:What is the payment terms?
A: T/T
5. Q:How can I get some samples? 
A: Kindly send us your address, we are honored to offer you samples. 
6. Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control? 
A:Our factory has gained BV, ISO9001 2008, SGS authentication.







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