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How to choose the right equipment?

If you are a pure beginner surfing, the best way is to ask your surfing friends to borrow a surfboard or rent one. If you are new to surfing, it is best not to have a small and stylish surfboard, a very expensive wet suit or other equipment. There are two good reasons. First of all, you may find that you will not fall in love with surfing. Secondly, for novices, the right board is often not small and light at all.


For novices, a large board is more suitable, you can bring as much as you can. It is best to bring a board with a length of at least 8 feet, and it is better if it is more than 9 feet. It would be even better if you can get a foam texture. Now in the Chinese market, you can also buy many beautiful long boards.


You don't have to consider that you have to use short boards for surfing. Shortboards are just a category of surfboards, and they can only be used under certain conditions, not all times and anywhere. The longboard is the classic surfboard, a traditional style that most surfers have been using for decades. It was only in the 1970s that people designed shortcomings.


At the beginning of the training, use a larger soft board (that is, practice board) to ensure that you can catch the waves more easily. In the first few days, you will continue to fall on the board or be hit by the board. Use the practice board to avoid injury. . So if you go to the beach, you might as well find a coach to make sure you can use a soft board. This is for your safety. Remember, surfing is more than just chasing huge waves like you see in the movie. Who knows, maybe one day, you will really find yourself a very talented extreme surfer. But more often, surfing is a kind of enjoyment, allowing you to safely be with your friends in the ocean and experience the fun of the ocean and nature.





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