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What is Trichloroisocyanuric Acid/TCCA?

What is Trichloroisocyanuric Acid?

TCCA, also called Trichlor and Chloreal, is an organic compound with various domestic and industrial applications. It is a white, crystalline powder or granule or tablet.that is commonly used as an outstanding source of chlorine.


Importantly, Sinowin TCCA is made to be very human friendly. When used properly, it causes no side effects. It can be used to purify drinking water, making it perfectly safe for use and even when used on other bodies of water, such as swimming pools, it is very safe.


The only hazard that may result from Sinowin TCCA is the possibility of lung irritation. This can only be the case when it is ingested in its concentrate form or when it is carried in the air. It doesn’t burn either, although it may contribute to the burning of other matter when there is an outbreak of fire.


Sinowin TCCA is usually produced and shipped in chlorine granular or chlorine tablet states. This makes for very easy handling, shipping, storing and application. In its chlorine granular state, the compound is delivered in a rough powder like state with 8-30 or 20-60 mesh granules. For its chlorine tablet state, it is often shipped in sizes ranging from 3g, 10g, 20g, 200g, 500g etc.

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