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16-year-old Zeng Wenhui went to the Tokyo Olympics and won the sixth place in the women's skateboard street competition!

The men’s street skateboarding competition is over, and everyone is looking forward to the performance of the women’s team! The most interesting women’s team this time is the Chinese player Zeng Wenhui. The 16-year-old woman is from Zeng Village, Hengshan Town, Guangning County, Zhaoqing City. She was a martial arts athlete and was selected as a Chinese skateboarder through cross-sports selection at the end of 2017 Training team. With good physical fitness, flexible response and strong physical coordination, it took only half a year to complete the cross-athlete transition from martial arts to skateboarding.


Although she has been in contact with skateboarding for a shorter period of time than other skaters, she has achieved impressive results. She became the first female skater to represent China in the SLS semi-finals in 19 and won the National Skateboarding Championship Women’s Street Style in 2020. The first place, in the international arena, has become more and more courageous, and successfully won the admission ticket for the Tokyo Olympics!


Congratulations to Japanese skater Momiji Nishiya for winning the gold medal in the women's street skateboarding competition, Brazilian skater Rayssa Leal for winning the silver medal, and Japanese skater Funa Nakayama for winning the bronze medal! Chinese skater Zeng Wenhui won the sixth place in the finals and hopes that more and more Chinese skaters can win glory for the country in the international arena!








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