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Fishing Rope

Product Name: Fishing Rope
Material:Polypropylene (pp), Nylon
Strand : 3 or 4
Diameter: 3-60 mm
Length: 100m ,200m,220m as requirement
Specification: Customized as per your demands
Color: Any color
Package:Coil / Reel / Hank/ Bundle

 Wholesale Supplier High Strength Hdpe 3 Strands Rope Plastic Twisted Pe Fishing Ropes

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Advantage of Fishing Rope:

  1. UV stabilized

  2. Weather resistant

  3. Good wear resistance

  4. Melting point:135°C

  5. Good resistance to solvents and chemicals

  6. Various colors available

Product Parameter of Fishing Rope:

Product NameFishing Rope
Material Polypropylene (pp), Polyester, PE, Nylon
Structure3/4 strand
ColorAny color 
Length100m ,200m,220m as requirement
Diameter3-60 mm
PackageCoil / Reel / Hank/ Bundle

Product description of Fishing Rope:

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Fishing Rope (6).jpg

About Us

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1)Q: Can we have a price list of your nets?

A: Ok, no problem. Just kindly advise us your specifications so as to work the prices out for you exactly.

2) Q: Can we have a test of your nets/Twine/Rope before ordering?

A: Ok, sure. The free samples can be sent to you directly. However, the courier cost will have to be for your account.

But we surely return you this courier cost once you have actual orders with us.

3) Q: Can we have only one piece ordered? Or in small quantity?

A: Very sorry, it is very difficult for us to go. We are the netting factory, which cannot sell only one piece like fishing shop.

4) Q: What is your MOQ?

A: MOQ means the minimum of the quantity ordered. If less than this minimum, it is not workable for us to find the machines to work for you. It is also helpless for us. Normally, Monofilament net 800kgs and Multifilament net 1000kgs.

5) Q: Is it possible to get the exact sizes of nets we want for sample?

A: Very sorry, it is very difficult. It is impossible to make only one new sample from the netting machine, unless the quantity can be up to the minimum to produce. However, the similar size will be sent instead, which are with the same twine size and similar mesh size for your checking and evaluating our quality firstly. Finally we can follow your
specifications to produce exactly.

6) Q: Can we have nets in our colors?

A: Ok, no problem. It will be better if you can offer us your sample color.

7) Q: How about the payment?

A: 30% advance to start the order and 70% balance before shipment by T/T. Also 100% LC at sight is acceptable.







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