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Inflatable Floating Hammock Row

1.Type: Inflatable Pool Float Hammock
2.Occasion: sea, swimming pool, amusement park
3.Material: ECO-Friendly PVC, Nylon net
4.Usage: water floating entertainment
5.Color: blue, green, orange, yellow, dark blue, rose, six colors

inflatable floating row.jpg

Name: Summer Water Lounger Floating Bed Inflatable Pool Float Swimming Row Hammock For Kids Adult 
Color: blue, green, orange, yellow, dark blue, rose, six colors
Material: high quality environmentally friendly PVC
Thickness: 0.20MM PVC+Nylon net
Size: 130*70cm
Load: 100 kg
Weight: single weight 260g
Single package size: 29*22*1cm
Box size: 45*32*42 80PCS
45*32*52 100PCS
65*45*32 120PCS


Floating Row 4.jpg

Other Model Inflatable Floating Row

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