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Fishing Lures

11g 85mm Multi Sections Hard Fishing Lure
Product Name:11g 85mm 6 Section Multi Sections Hard Fishing Lure Material: ABS Plastic Length: 8.5cm Weight: 11g Diving depth: Slow Sinking Hook: Sharp hook Material: ABS Plastic,Steel Balls,3D Eyes
Unpainted Blank Fishing Minnow Lures
Product Name:Unpainted Blank Fishing Minnow Lures Material:ABS Plastic Length: 93mm Weight: 4.5g
15g,20g,30g Saltwater Jigging Lure
Product Name:15g,20g,30g Saltwater Jigging Lure Material:Stainless Steel Length: 45mm,53mm,60mm,65mm,75mm Weight: 7g,10g,15g,20g,30g
Metal Hard Spoon Lures
Product Name:Metal Hard Spoon Lures Material:Metal Length: 55mm Weight:5g/7g/10g/15g/20g
7cm7g Plastic Vib Lure VIB010
Product Name: 7cm7g Plastic Vib Lure VIB010 Model:VIB010 Material:Plastic Length: 7cm Weight:7 g
New 6 Colors 7cm 17g Spoon Fishing Lure
Product:Spoon Fishing Lure Buzz Bait Model:SP004 Material:Metal Length: 70mm Weight:17g
12.5cm 19g Plastic Abs Popper Lures
Product :12.5cm Plastic Abs Popper Lures Model:PP006 Material:Plastic Length: 12.5cm Weight: 19g
6.2cm 10g Artificial Crank Baits
Product Name:Metal Vib Artificial Fish Lures Model:VIB009 Material:Metal Length: 6.5cm Weight:12.5 g







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